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GARNETT FORD - Postcard (1982) [1995 reissue]

GARNETT FORD - Postcard (1982) [1995 reissue]
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Garnett Ford is a Toronto singer who started his career in a band called Pinball during the '70s. Produced by Ian Thomas, Garnett released his first solo album 'Under The Influence' in 1978.

"Postcard" was his 2nd and last effort before disappearing as main artist from the music scene (he is now composing music for movies and television).

Many in-demand session musicians were part of this recording, such as the great Kim Mitchell, Bernie LaBarge or the late BB Gabor.
The overall musical style on "Postcard" is stylized Canadian rock&pop with some Lite AOR moments.
"Stay The Way" was the single (a minor hit), a really nice radiable tune.
Other goodies are the John O'Banion-like "Can't Do Without It", the aorish and catchy "Looking For You" and the Rick Springfield inspired "Live It Up".
On "When I'm Beside You" Garnett sounds as Ian Thomas (good guitars here), while the orchestrated ballad "You And I" has some westcoast touches.

Expertly produced by Paul Gross and Jack Richardson (Harlequin, Aerosmith), "Postcard" is a nice addition to any collection, specially if you like the Canadian style.
Ripped from the '95 CD reissue by the legendary German label Long Island Records, out of print.

01. Stay The Way
02. Can't Do Without You
03. Words Of Love
04. Looking For You
05. Time Won't Let Me
06. Live It Up
07. When I'm Beside You
08. Can't Slow Down
09. You And I
10. Something In Her
11. Second Chances

Vocals: Garnett Ford
Guitars: Kim Mitchell, Don Gaze, Bernie LaBarge, Sharon Lee Williams, Mike Frances
Keys: Grant Slator, Mike Konn, Dennis Keldi
Bass: Mike Konn, Dennis Finhorn
Drums: Jon Anderson, Paul Armstrong
Percussion: Leon Stevenson, Peter Appleyard
Sax: Earl Seymour
Strings: Allen MacMillan
Backing Vocals: Garnett Ford, BB Gabor, Doug Templeton, Leon Stevenson, Bernie LaBarge, Shawn Jackson, Colina Phillips,


KBC Band - KBC Band (1986)

KBC Band - KBC Band (1986)
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When vocalist and guitar player Paul Kantner left Jefferson Starship in 1984, the group disbanded. Grace Slick and lead vocalist Mickey Thomas continued on simply as Starship.
Kantner was looking for new horizons, and soon joined forces with his former Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship bandmate Marty Balin who was playing live with his own band. The duo agreed to form a band with a new sound, and for the purpose they called the also ex Jefferson Airplane bass player Jack Casady.
KBC band (Kantner-Balin-Casady band) was born, and after a 6-month writing period, the group ink a deal with a major label. Their lone self-titled album was released in 1986.

"KBC band" is a pretty different beast from the typically mid-eigthies stuff.
It's commercial, yes, including catchy poppy AOR tunes with heavily-layered vocal harmonies, some bombastic electronic drums and tons of synthesizers, but lyrically has some kind of defiantly message and musically the band adds saxophone (heavily compressed) dueling with the guitar.
On some tracks the vocals are shared between Kantner and Balin, but it's Marty Balin who handles almost all of the lead vocals, resembling on many parts his stupendous solo albums from the beginning of the eighties.

Opener "Mariel" is a catchy rock&pop song that somehow sounds British to my ears, maybe 'cos the political lyrics (Kantner was an activist at the time).
"It's Not You, It's Not Me" was the first single and a minor hit in the charts, which attracted airplay on AOR radio. Written by Van Stephenson, this is a beautiful mid-tempo tune with an anthemic chorus and a melodious guitar / sax interplay.
"Hold Me" is a slow track in the Americana style with a fine guitar work and sweet vocals by Balin, a bit long to my tastes.
On the classic rockin' "America" the vocals are shared again for good effect. This song recently found renewed interest (due to the lyrics) after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The uptempo "No More Heartaches" is one of my favorite songs on the album, an urgent uptempo AOR track full of synths and a ridiculously catchy chorus. This song alone worth the entire disc.
"Wrecking Crew" is another winner. It is embedded with that '80s magic impossible to resist. Poppy AOR ready for the radio - Love it -.
"When Love Comes" is a re-make of a song previously done by Balin on his 1983 solo album 'Lucky'. The KBC Band version has a more classic rock treatment but with the addition of lush keyboards and electronic drums to update the sound to the mid-eighties style.
"Dream Motorcycle" is a simple but infectious pop-rocker with a catchy melody, a bit overwhelmed by a wall of sax though.
The album ends with "Sayonara", an affected and beautifully performed melodic power ballad, full of class and style, another of my favorites here.

Ignored or unknown for most Adult Oriented Rock collectors, with great production and a big sound, "KBC band" is a succulent dish of mid-eighties brilliance, including some memorable AOR moments (specially on the second part, or 'B' side).
By the way, this is a rip at maximum quality from the not so easy to find CD edition of this album.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Mariel
02 - It's Not You, It's Not Me
03 - Hold Me
04 - America
05 - No More Heartaches
06 - Wrecking Crew
07 - When Love Comes
08 - Dream Motorcycle
09 - Sayonara

Marty Balin – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Paul Kantner – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jack Casady – bass
Mark 'Slick' Aguilar – lead guitar, background vocals
Tim Gorman – keyboards, synths, background vocals
Keith Crossnan – saxophone, background vocals
Darrell Verdusco – drums, background vocals

KBC Band (1986)

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JACK STARR's BURNING STARR - The Orange album (1989)

It's time to add some hard sounds to this blog.
Jack Starr is a guitarist and songwriter of French origin, who came to the rock and metal scene at the beginning of the '80s with the band Virgin Steele. I don't know you, but Virgin Steele was one of my favorite groups in my 'young metal years'.
By 1984 Jack formed his own project, 'Jack Starr's Burning Starr', enjoying limited success in the USA during the explosion of hair metal in the second half of the eighties, principally with their Ratt / Dokken oriented '85 release 'No Turning Back', featuring in the line-up future Danger Danger members Frank Vestry and Bruno Ravel.

But at the end of the decade, Starr recorded one of the most unknown American hard rock albums of the era, the self-titled "Jack Starr's Burning Starr", named by the fans as "The Orange album".
This album set a departure from the band's hard 'n heavy style into a more commercial sound, full of keyboards and catchiness.
"Send Me An Angel", "Love Can't Wait", "Fool For Love" or "Hold Back The Night" could have been huge hits on the radio. Sadly, it was a little too late when the album came out (almost 1990) and the labels started to drop artists playing this kind of stuff.
The album only was released in Japan and Germany, but with no promotion and poor distribution it went unnoticed to the major audience.

Well written and played, "The Orange album" is a solid melodic hard rockin' album with inspired guitar work, blasting compressed drums (including cowbells), heavy keyboards and more than competent vocals and choruses. The overall sound / style reminds me my loved Icon (the Phoenix, Arizona band), Keel and Dokken.
This CD version includes 2 tracks not present on the vinyl / cassette editions and has become impossible to find (a Japanese collector paid $300 for a copy, go figure).

01. Send Me An Angel
02. Bad Times
03. Fool For Love
04. Hold Back The Night
05. Love Can't Wait
06. Out Of The Blue
07. New York Woman
08. Tear Down The Wall
09. Break The Ice
10. Good Girls Gone Bad [CD bonus]
11. Remember Tomorrow [CD bonus]

Jack Starr - Guitars
Mike Tirelli - Vocals
William (aka Freebass) Fairchild - Bass
Jim Harris - Drums
Edward Spahn - Keyboards
Chris Collins - add. vocals

Get it HERE

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HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007)

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007)
Session musician, composer and producer Harold Faltermeyer redefined action film scoring in the '80s.
He is recognized as the man who introduced the typical synth rock&pop sound of the glorious decade into the movies, creating a new niche in the business.

Faltermeyer's career began in 1979, playing synthesizer on Donna Summers' "Bad Girls" album along with executive producer Giorgio Moroder.
Alternating his session work as musician and arranger, he started a parallel career composing incidental music for film studios.
Harold's first big smash hit was the electronic theme for Beverly Hills Cop ('Axel F') - one of the most successful soundtracks ever - followed by 1984 'Thief Of Hearts' and 1985 'Fletch' Original SoundTracks.
But Faltermeyer always will be remembered for his work on the eighties iconic movie 'Top Gun', the best selling soundtrak in history. With 'Top Gun Anthem', won his 2nd Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance with guitarist Steve Stevens.

Often imitated but never surpassed in his game, Harold's heavy synthesized style combined with bombastic electronic drums (or subtle programming when needed) become a staple in the genre.
"The Ultimate Collection" comprises his most known eighties works altogether with some pretty rare, unreleased and hard to find material, such as "Didi Der Doppelganger" or "Wake Up Musical" scores, the rare Wimbledon's "The Challenge" instrumental versions, and even the never officially released movie version of "Restless Hearts" ('The Running Man' 1987) performed by John Parr.

Not for sale, this double CD was made for promotional use only.
A collector's item, a must have for any OST fan and any true '80s sound lover.

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007) vol.1

The Ultimate Collection Vol.1

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007) vol.2

The Ultimate Collection Vol.2


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805 - Stand In Line (1982)

805 - Stand In Line (1982) remastered
805 was founded in the NY area in 1977 by vocalist and guitar player Dave Porter.
While playing covers in the clubs circuit, the band wrote and recorded original songs tirelessly, and eventually was signed by RCA.
At the beginning of '82, at the mansion and studio of Randy Bachman (Bachman Turner Overdrive) in Washington, 805 recorded their debut "Stand In Line".

"Stand In Line" includes really good songs in a lite-prog AOR style, with a brilliant and crisp production.
"Young Boys" and "Fools Parade" are commercial tunes with a typical eighties ambience, the title track reminds you Genesis Phil Collins-era, while "Making It All Seem True" is a beautifully spiced AOR track (love the keys on this one).
"Defense" has radio potential with very cool synths in the vein of AOR progsters Saga, and "Going Nowhere At All" has magical arrangements sounding pretty British to my ears.

Never released on CD, "Stand In Line" is one of the best commercial proggy AOR albums of the beginning of the '80s.

01 - Stand In Line
02 - Young Boys
03 - Fools Parade
04 - Making It All Seem True
05 - Defense
06 - Gimme Everything
07 - Keeping The Spark Alive
08 - Float Away
09 - Out In The Light
10 - Going Nowhere At All

Dave Porter - lead vocals, guitars
Ed Vivenzio - keyboards, backup vocals
Greg "Creamo" Liss - bass, chapman stick, backup vocals
Frank Briggs - drums, percussion

805 - Stand In Line (1982)

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HERLAND Brothers - One Small Step (1994)

HERLAND Brothers - One Small Step (1994)
This five member band from the U.S. Northeast is made up of the three Herland brothers Frank, Scott and John, all with many years experience in the music world including radio, television and commercial recordings.
They have supported over the years many major acts as White Lion, LA Guns, Gary Cherone from Extreme, etc.

In the mid nineties the bros. released independently their self-produced debut “One Small Step” under the name HERLAND.
Their style has many influences, mostly American Melodic Rock, with a guitar driven sound and pretty good vocal arrangements.
It's a nice recording, but I don't understand the ridiculous prices (over $ 100) of this CD. Surely because it's rare and out of print.
This is a rip from a promo copy distributed before the official release.

01 - Sleepin' Beauty
02 - Swept Away
03 - Would You Be Mine Tonight
04 - Let Me Know
05 - Take Your Time
06 - Find Your Way
07 - Why 'o' Why

John Herland - Lead Vocals, back up vocals
Frank Herland - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Back up vocals
Scott Herland - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Back up vocals
Mike Fazio - Bass
Scott Reboulet - Bass
Arthur Mambuca - Drums, Percussion

HERLAND bros. One Small Step

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V.A. - E35, Let's Sing J-Pop In English (2008)

In upcoming posts will be featured (and briefly reviewed) many albums originally requested and fulfilled into the "Request & Fill Corner" section, but not available anymore.

Let's start with the beautiful Japan-only 3CD compilation "E35, Let's Sing J-Pop In English".
As the title indicates, these are covers of Japanese Rock&Pop hits performed (all in English language) by well known AOR / Westcoast stars.
All these songs were recorded between 1991 / 1994, only appeared in Asian V.A. albums as the 'Love Stories' series, "Goody's" and many other rarities.
Some tracks are boring (particularly the ones sung by a few unknown vocalists), that's normal in huge compilations.

But who cares when you have awesome songs never published outside Japan and performed by such luminaries as Jason Scheff, Tommy Funderburk, Joseph Williams, Peter Beckett, Bobby Kimball, Jay Graydon and many more.
Remarkable is the inclusion of one of the few songs officially published/recorded as lead vocalist by the late Warren Wiebe, a gifted singer that never got the chance to release his own solo album.

"E35: Let's Sing J-Pop In English", compiled by the specialized Japanese label Avex fetch exorbitant prices, as all imports.
Do not miss this unique opportunity...

CD 1
01 - Jason Scheff - Say Yes
02 - Ned Doheny - Suddenly (Love Story)
03 - Tommy Funderburk - Imademo Anata ga Sukidakara
04 - Joseph Williams - Get Back In Love
05 - Peter Beckett - Ai Wo Tomenaide
06 - Stephen Bishop - Donna Tokimo
07 - Milini Khan - Sekaijuu no Dareyori Kitto
08 - Rachel Ham - Overnight Sensation
09 - El DeBarge - Kimigairudakede (KomeKome Club)
10 - Jessica Sheely - You're My Only Shinin' Star
11 - Tata Vega - Seasons

E35 - 1

CD 2
01 - Joseph Williams - Dear My Friend
02 - Adrian Peritore - Get Crazy! (Princess, Princess)
03 - Richard Page - Gloria
04 - Anna McMurphy - Break Out!
05 - Gigi Worth - Kiss Me
06 - Joseph Williams - Christmas Eve
07 - Jason Scheff - Yah Yah Yah
08 - Douglas Getschall - Kanashimi Ha Yuki no Youni
09 - Kelly Keagy - Yakusokunohashi
10 - Boddy Kimball - Red Nose Reindeer
11 - Douglas Getschall - Saboten no Hana
12 - Warren Wiebe - True Love

E35 - 2

CD 3
01 - Boddy Caldwell - Answer
02 - Marilyn Martin - Tooi Machi No Dokokade
03 - Jason Scheff - You're the Only...
04 - Natalia - Time Goes By
05 - Joseph Williams - Sayonara
06 - Jay Graydon - Oasis
07 - Marilyn Martin - Tatoe Tooku Ni Hanaretetemo
08 - Joseph Williams - Doushiyoumonai Bokuni
09 - Ronnie Spector - Kazetachinu
10 - Jason Scheff - Over And Over
11 - Frank Sinatra Jr. - Departures
12 - Gino Vannelli - Still, I'm In Love With You

E35 - 3