Saturday, November 01, 2014

BOULEVARD - Into The Street (1990) [remastered]

BOULEVARD - Into The Street (1990) [remastered]
The genesis of Canadian AORsters BOULEVARD was already portrayed here in the previous post about their self-titled debut.
With their name officially changed from 'Blvd.' to Boulevard, for their second and final album "Into The Street" the group really sounded 'as a band'. The songwriting is stronger, the instrumentation more natural and the overall feeling absolutely organic.
This, simply put, is one of the best AOR-Rock albums of all time.

You have it all here; heavenly melodies, catchy-perfect choruses, delicate keyboards, sharp guitars and smooth vocals & harmonies. All songs here soar, all are fantastic.
But I have to mention "Talk To Me". This tune changed my life in many ways, at least musically. Oh yes, this is one of the best songs in AOR / Melodic Rock history.

BOULEVARD - Into The Street (1990) [remastered] back

Essential in your collection, this remastered version adds more brightness to the original and a better output balance.
A Must Have.

01 - Talk To Me
02 - Where Is The Love
03 - Lead Me On
04 - Eye Of The Hurricane
05 - Light Of Day
06 - Crazy Life
07 - Rainy Day In London
08 - Where Are You Now
09 - Need You Tonight
10 - Eye To Eye

David Forbes – Vocals
Randy Gould – Guitar
Andrew Johns – Keyboards
Tom Christiansen – Bass
Mark Holden – Saxophone
Randall Stoll – Drums

BOULEVARD Into The Street [remastered]


T.P said...

Due to my lesser distinctive musical sense compared to you, I regard Talk To Me as just a nice song, so I hope you forgive me when - like in this case - I'm not exactly in the same boat. ;-)

However, the whole album in its entireness is certainly something I don't want to miss at any rate. In fact, your Boulevard double pack rocks from head to toe!

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

Thanks for your continuous comments Thomas. Perhaps "Talk To Me" is not the stronger number on the album, but it's very special to me due to certain circumstances.

T.P said...

You are welcome, Camelblue. "Credit where credit is due" is an likeable idiom whose motto I tend to follow whenever I can make use of it. Your unique blog is one of a kind example for that!

Yes, I totally agree with you - it is always great to carry special feelings inside about a certain song as you do with Talk To Me. The mental images that arise from such a track are always a very personal issue; a unicum for its originator due to the inimitability of these internal images. And the stuff imaginative treasures are made of.

But even for someone like me who isn't that closely linked with the aforementioned musical example - and therefore listening to Talk To Me with neutral ears - nonetheless I understand why it could be found on various playlists out there. Indeed, for me the only little bit weak point in terms of melodical aspects would be the chorus line, because it doesn't quite live up to the expectations its strophes and bridge deliver. Still okay, but in my humble opinion the real big sunshine doesn't come to light within the refrain.

In the end, of course, it is up to every listener's mind what a certain song brings out for him or her. If masterpiece or not, well, it leaves the decision to each indivudual and the associated relevance.

Bye for now,